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Arctic Review on Law and Politics Vol. 4 (2013)

No. 2-2013

Øyvind Ravna (leader): The significance of Indigenous issues, 137-138

Vladimir A. Kryazhkov: Development of Russian legislation on Northern Indigenous Peoples, 140-155

Ghislain Otis and Aurélie Laurent: Indigenous land claims in Europe: The European Court of Human Rights and the decolonization of property, 156-180

Grace Li Xiu Woo: Decolonization and Canada’s ‘Idle No More’ Movement, 181-206

Leena Heinämäki and Thora Martina HerrmannThe Recognition of Sacred Natural Sites of Arctic Indigenous Peoples as a Part of Their Right to Cultural Integrity, 207-233

Svein Vigeland Rottem: The Political Architecture of Security in the Arctic – the Case of Norway, 234-254

Arctic Review on Law and Politics Vol. 3 (2012)

No. 2-2012

Natalia Loukacheva and Øyvind Ravna: Findings of the Second Conference, 147-149

Mikhail M. Brinchuk: The Concept and Structure of Russian Ecological Legislation,

Mikhail Permilovskiy: The Axiological Approach to the Regulation of the Right to a Favourable Environment, 162-185

Tolokontseva Daria:
 Use of Correctional and Labour Measures on the Inmates of The Solovetsky Camp in the 1920s and 1930s, 186-199

Natalia Loukacheva: Indigenous Inuit Law, “Western” Law and Northern Issues, 200-217

Nikolas Sellheim: The Reflection of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) in the Barents Environmental Cooperation, 218-243

Maria Hammer and Alf Håkon Hoel: The Development of Scientific Cooperation under the Norway–Russia Fisheries Regime in the Barents Sea, 244-274

No. 1-2012

Øyvind Ravna (leader): New insights and a better understanding of issues related to the Arctic and the High North, 1–3.

Njord Wegge: The EU and the Arctic: European foreign policy in the making, 6–29.

Marit Myrvoll, Alma Thuestad, Elin Rose Myrvoll and Inger Marie Holm-Olsen:
Unpredictable consequences of Sámi self-determination – rethinking the legal protection of Sámi cultural heritage in Norway, 30–50.

Steinar Pedersen: The Coastal Sámi of Norway and their rights to traditional marine livelihood, 51–80.

Susann Funderud Skogvang: Fiskerigrensesaken mellom Norge og Storbritannia og sakens betydning for norsk rett 60 år senere, 81–107.

Bjørn Geirr Harsson and George Preiss: Norwegian Baselines, Maritime Boundaries and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, 108–129.

Arctic Review on Law and Politics Vol. 2 (2011)

No. 22011

Øyvind Ravna(leader): Legal and political challenges in governance
of Northern natural resources,135–137.

Mikkel Nils Sara: Land Usage and Siida Autonomy, 138–158.

Christina Allard: The Nordic countries’ law on Sámi territorial rights, 159–183.

Vidar Jarle Landmark: Fiskerikonsesjoner og rettigheter,184–198.

Christel Elvestad, Frode Nilssen and Ludmila Ivanova: The New Paradigm for Nature Protection: A Model for Russia’s High North?199–221.


No. 1-2011

Øyvind Ravna (leader): The third issue of Arctic Review on Law and Politics,1–3.

Claudia Cinelli: The Law of the Sea and the Arctic Ocean, 4–24.

Alastair Campbell, Terry Fenge and Udloriak Hanson: Implementing the 1993 Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, 25–51.

Mikkel Berg-Nordlie: Striving to Unite. The Russian Sámi and the Nordic Sámi Parliament model,52–76.

Eivind Torp: Betydelsen av samiska traditioner i svensk rätt, 77–101.

Arctic Review on Law and Politics vol. 1 (2010)

No. 2-2010

Alf Håkon Hoel and Øyvind Ravna (leader): The New Age of the Arctic, 59–163.

Oran R. Young: Arctic Governance – Pathways to the Future, 164–185.

Alf Håkon Hoel: Integrated Oceans Management in the Arctic: Norway and Beyond,186–206.

Olav Schram Stokke: Barents Sea Fisheries – the IUU Struggle, 207–224.

Arild Moe: Russian and Norwegian petroleum strategies in the Barents Sea,225–248.

Tore Henriksen: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Arctic Marine Biodiversity, 249–278.

Kristian Åtland: Russia and its Neighbors: Military Power, Security Politics, and Interstate Relations in the Post-Cold War Arctic, 279–298.

Helgi Gretarsson: Allocation of Demersal Harvest Rights in Iceland, 299–318.


No. 1-2010

Øyvind Ravna (leader): A new academic journal is born, 1–3.

Carsten Smith: Retten til fiske i havet utenfor Finnmark, 4–27.

Camilla Brattland: Mapping Rights in Coastal Sami Seascapes, 28–53.

Valmaine Toki: Indigenous Peoples’ Fisheries Rights – A comparative perspective between Maori and the Sami, 54–81.

Douglas C. Harris and Peter Millerd: Food Fish, Commercial Fish, and Fish to Support a Moderate Livelihood: Characterizations Aboriginal and Treaty Rights to Canadian Fisheries, 82–107.

Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde: A Geographical, Historical and Legal Perspective on the Right to Fishery in Norwegian Tidal Waters, 108–130.

Tore Henriksen: The Greening of Norwegian Fisheries Legislation: Introduction of Environmental Principles to Fisheries Management, 131–157.