ArcticSIZE-logo18-croppedThe research group Arctic Seasonal Ice Zone (Arctic SIZE)

The Arctic SIZE core group consists of the 5 full time professor Marit Reigstad (Ecology of Marginal Ice Zones; pelagic-benthic coupling), Jørgen Berge (Arctic ecosystem dynamics; coupling processes between sea ice and pelagic/benthic habitats; polar night), Bodil Bluhm (benthic-pelagic coupling, biodiversity, sea ice and benthic fauna) and Rolf Gradinger (Arctic ecosystem dynamics, sea ice biota) and Paul Wassmann (Arctic ecosystems, tipping points, C flux models).  See curriculum vitae of the core group.

Associated to Arctic SIZE are further 5 adjunct professors: Stig Falk Petersen, Haakon Hop, Finlo Cottier, Carlos Duarte and Susana Agusti, all with major experience in polar oceanography and marine ecology.