In 2015 the Norwegian Government released a funding competition with the goal to support promising university-based research initiatives that had the potential and stated goal to develop into world leading groups.  Evaluated and selected by an international panel the competition at UiT The Arctic University of Norway was won by a group of 4 professors in marine ecology, under the leadership of Paul Wassmann.  The main focus of the group is research on the seasonal ice zone in the Arctic Ocean, promoting the comprehension of the present functioning and future development. The group selected the title “Seasonal Ice Zone Ecology (ArcticSIZE)”.  In 2016 Prof. Rolf Gradinger was employed.  In 2017 followed 4 PhD students and 2 post docs.  Associated to ArcticSIZE are also 5 adjunct professors in arctic marine ecology.  The expertise of ArcticSIZE comprises ice biota, phyto- and zooplankton, vertical flux and pelagic-benthic coupling, benthos, biodiversity and C flux modelling.