AWORA is a network for people at UiT active in promoting visibility of women in science, the humanities and the arts.

Why do we need AWORA?

  • Women win fewer prices than men
  • Women are less likely to be invited to conferences/to give talks
  • Women are less likely to have leading positions (professors/leaders)
  • Women experience implicit bias when applying for funding/positions (e.g. they have to achieve more to be rated equally good)
  • Women earn less, have more career challenges, and are more likely to leave academia

What are the AWORA aims?

  • promote the visibility of women in science and art (through articles, exhibitions, Wikipedia etc.)
  • Raise awareness of women scholars and their expertise
  • Recognise and acknowledge women’s work in academia

What will AWORA do?

  • Nominate women to research prizes nationally, internationally, and at UiT
  • arrange workshops and other activities on ‘implicit bias’ or ‘acknowledgement’
  • comment on things that are highly unbalanced in terms of gender (like conferences with no female speakers …)

AWORA Implementation

Everyone can become an AWORA member if she/he is active in promoting AWORA goals.

UiT Academy for Women in Research and Arts (AWORA)

AWORA skal:

  • fremme synlighet av kvinner i vitenskap og kunst (gjennom artikler, utstillinger, wikipedia)
  • nominere kvinner til priser som lyses ut ved UiT, nasjonalt og internasjonalt
  • arrangere workshops og andre aktiviteter om for eksempel ‘implicit bias’ eller framsnakk

Kathrin H. Hopmann, Hilde S. Blix, Lilli Mittner & Sigfrid Kjeldaas

Initiativtakere, Tromsø 2018