The Golden Route of Sápmi

The idea behind making a Golden Route of Sápmi.

Between the 11th and the 13th of September 2019 we went for a three day tour from Alta along the E45 to Máze continuing along RV92 to Karasjok, and finally along the E6 to Indre Billefjord, Stabbursnes, Skaidi and back to Alta. This takes us through a variety of interesting places surrounding the western part of the Arctic tundra of Finnmark. We Connected this to the Sámi Sun symbol, where the rout we took is the ring in the middle part and the sun beams reaches out to other important Sámi Cultural sites of Sápmi. The cross in the middle of the sun might be Connected to the walking paths crossing the tundra. This way we think it can be used as a symbol of Sámi tourism in the Arctic.

We now realise that time was very limited and we had to rush through visits where we really would have liked to spend more time. The students also reported that this is a route With interesting places that they would like to bring family and friends. We have students from ten different nations in this course and word-of-mouth marketing from these young students could make a significant contribution to how the organisations we visited would be connected to the market place.

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