Unexpected cultural sight can be found far North Norway! If nowadays we might think about the remote area of Finnmark, imagine how it was 7000 hundred years ago! Probably not so different… According to with the figures that can be seen carved on the rocks, nature was and still is part of the human culture. Unesco´s World Heritage is present everywhere and this might be one of the reasons why Alta Museum is one of the main attractions in this place

General facts about rock carvings:

Rock carving is a term for prehistoric images, carved, cut or ground into rocks and mountains. They can be found in loose boulders and on solid mountains. It is often carved into open places, but tone can also find it in caves.

They often have motives from hunting or farming, and there are thousands of pictures about people, animals, boats or other objects. It is believed that they had a magical meaning and it’s said that the higher the stones are placed, the older the rock carvings are.

Visitor experience to Alta museum

The World Heritage Rock Art Alta museum is one of the “must thing to do”on your visit to Alta. Located at of one of the far end of Alta Fjord, the visitors are treated with a phenomenal view of the fjord.
On arriving at the museum we were greeted by their friendly and polite staff. Our guide for the day was Ali who had gathered us outside on the deck which was overlooking the fjord. Our group was briefed about the tour of the magnificent rock carving we would soon be guided to. The briefing was mostly focused on the does and don’t while walking to the rocks carving and the fragility of the historic rocks. It was a pleasure of having being guided by Ali who had presented herself professionally and patiently answered all our curious questions. Having a knowledgeable guide like Ali had enchased our experience to Alta museum.

Walking along the wooden track which is provided for protecting the rock arts, gave us the experience of connecting with the lush green natural surrounding.

We stopped at the “Little Rock” first – one of the oldest rock art in Alta.  Some of the carvings had at one point in modern times been painted for better visibility. This practice is debated because it “compromises the conditions of authenticity.” I appreciate that, though it’s also easy to see what it is and why it was done – it can be hard to see the carvings without the outlines.

My favorite carving might be the whale’s image because  people used natural ripples in the rock as water:

Thanks for good tour guided by Alta Museum so that we can know more about the rock arts and showed us many nice puzzles about lifestyle of the Stone Age’s citizens.