Sapmi Centre of Contemporary Art

Visit to Sapmi Centre of Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Finnmark

ESTD 1986

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The second day of the field trip included the memorable visit to “Sami Centre of Contemporary Art” which was established in 1986 in order to preserve the Sami’s culture.

Sami, indigenous people who are living in Northern part of the earth since thousands of years with their own cultures and heritage including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Sami people have been living there since prehistoric age struggling and being adjusted with the extreme weather condition in comparison to other parts of the world. They developed their own way of lifestyle suitable to their motherland. The exposure of the extreme cold forced them to adopt suitable activities in order to survive.

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Aim of the Centre

Modern development have obviously affected the Sami people residing different places. Passing through many obstacles and rejoices throughout the centuries, now they have started to live modern life with a lot of modern facilities such as advanced houses and other facilities that wouldn’t be available before fifty years. Their life have become much mo easier in comparison to the past.

Although they have been changed into modern facilitated lifestyle now, the centuries old culture is very important for various aspects because culture is the heritage of community. It can not only be useful to aware upcoming Sami generation about their past generations but also for the rest of the world. It means the Sami culture has great scope for tourism as well and the centre is the point of attraction for tourism from all around the world and they can tourists can learn and refreshed themselves with the most probably new experience to them.


Art Center aims to organize exhibitions on different aspects of the Sapmi Culture in order to provide exposure of the contemporary art to the modern day people so that their centuries old cultural heritage will exist in future in people’s mind and hopefully modern Sapmi generations follow and preserve their valuabe culture with pride. Even though no any culture has remained untouched and unaffected by the modern development as it is natural process of modification and change, Sapmi Cultural Heritage which developed in the northernmost part of the earth before thousands of years has significant role while studying human civilization.

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Projects Of the Center

Projected work is effective to achieve a certain goal effectively. Sapmi Centre of Contemporatry Art is conductiong several projects in order to preserve and highlight Sapmi culture. The center is working in several projects with cooperation with different government and non government bodies as it has become international concern these days. Moreover, the centre is also colaborating with Sapmi people and organizations spreading mainly in Sweden, Finland and Russia. Some of the arts and paintings in the center are made by Sapmi artist belonging to Russia, Sweden and Finland as well.

You can learn more about the center’s projects by clicking here: Click here to learn more about the projects owned by the center

The visit to the Sapmi Centre for Contemporary Art is satisfying as it totally reflects centuries old Sapmi Culture and provides better knowledge of their contemporary lifestyle.

20 Sept. 2019 Exhibition and Projects;

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