Learning How to Do Research

Part of the Bachelor program in Arctic Adventure Tourism is Learning how to do Research. The course provides an understanding of research methodologies and the application of quantitative and qualitative methods. The course focuses on the use of theory in research, research design and implementation, but these Methods are easily transfered to other disciplines like marketing Research and pre-Research of Project Development or innovation cases.

Upon completion of the course:

The candidate will attain the following knowledge:

  • Can explain different scientific research methodologies and methods.
  • Can explain ethical considerations of conducting research and the use of research results.

The candidate have skills to be:

  • Able to plan and design a minor research project.
  • Collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Able to reflect on qualitative and quantitative research findings.

The general competence will be visual as the candidate:

  • Is able to carry out small independent scientific research projects.
  • Is able to critically assess research findings.

On these pages you will have the pleasure to read a few pieces of their work.