The Sensation of Snow

Fieldwork assignment

The students were given the following assignment in the first week of snow in Alta:

A lot of tourists that come to Alta has seldom or never experienced snow. In summertime there is no or at least little snow. Tourists might ask you how life is in Alta wintertime and how you experience snow. When storytelling in tourism, the best way to succeed is to refer to Your own experiences. What would be Your answer to this question. Do a small Research Project With fieldwork today.

Research question

How do you experience snow?


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Performative autoethnography, phenomenology


Embodied sensuos research where data is written down as fieldnotes, you can draw, do soundtakes, make videos and/or take pictures. You should also talk to others in an open-ended interview to find out how other’s experience snow. May be you need to take someone with you outside and experience the snow in situ.


Relate to the theory in the Curriculum and be inspired. How is your experience of snow and how is it compared to others?


Write a Five Paragraph Essay with pictures, sounds, videos etc and post it on our edu-blog.