About Arctic Adventure Tourism at Campus Alta

Get to know the BA studies in Arctic Adventure Tourism!

Who are we?

The bachelor’s degree programme in Arctic Adventure Tourism is aimed at people who wants to work with arctic experience production, marketing, management and communication relevant to the adventure tourism industry.

What do we do?

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world, thus the demand for proficient workers is increasing continuously. The programme provides students with theorethical knowledge and practical skills needed to design and produce sustainable nature- and culture based experiences. It is constructed to provide competent workers for developing a sustainable tourism industry. The program’s values are based on respect and concern for nature and culture in the Arctic.

What is this blog all about?

During the time the BA students are with us they gain knowledge, skills and competence in many different subjects, as shown below.

Term 10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
1st semester
Introduction to Arctic Adventure Tourism (20 ECTS)
Experience, Marketing and Sales (20 ECTS)
2nd semester
Arctic Tourism Management I (20 ECTS)
3rd semester
Methods (10 ECTS)
Communication Skills (10 ECTS)
Arctic Tourism Management II (10 ECTS)
4th semester
Business Economics (10 ECTS)
Event Management (10 ECTS)
Social Media and Communication (10 ECTS)
5th semester *
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (10 ECTS)
Innovation Practice (10 ECTS)*
Project Management (10 ECTS)
6th semester
Intercultural Communication (10 ECTS)
Bachlor Thesis (20 ECTS)
*Practice in business: for the achievement of BA Arctic Adventure Tourism, students can apply for a practice in business (equivalent 10 ECTS) in a relevant tourism business in the 5th semester.

The programme changes according to the needs in the tourism industry, and this is an example of what the students starting this semester is up for. For more information about the program, go to the university site.

This blog aims at giving you some examples of the work done within this study program – mostly through the work of our BA students. You will find reports from fieldtrips, projects, assignments, smaller reserch tasks, and so on.

We hope you will enjoy following us!