Have you ever wondered what’s going on in children’s mind before they start to talk? How do they learn to navigate the social and physical world, and what do they remember from the past? At the Tromsø BabyLab, which belongs to the Department of Psychology at UiT, we conduct scientific studies using age-appropriate and playful methods to shed more light on these questions. Our aim is to contribute to a better understanding of social-cognitive development in the first years of life, which can allow us to find new and efficient ways to help those who need some extra support. You can read more about what we do on the “Our projects” page.

Our work depends on the voluntary participation of toddlers and their families. If you are interested in contributing to our work, check here if your child matches the age group we are currently working with. The page “A visit to the lab” explains what you can expect if you decide to participate with your child in one of our studies.