Welcome to BioCat

The National graduate school in biocatalysis, BioCat, is established to provide expertise and tools for research and education within biocatalysis in Norway. 

Upcoming courses – fall 2019

C2- Enzyme production – 3 ECTS 25-29 November 2019. A one week course at UiB teach how to plan and execute a protein/enzyme expression and purification project. Open for application! 

C5- Enzyme mechanisms – 4 ECTS. October 2019. A one week course at UiT focused on enzymatic mechanisms and the chemistry involved: typical amino acids in enzymatic mechanisms and the type of chemistry they catalyze. Open for application! 

C6- Applied biocatalysis and biorefining – 5 ECTS. August 21-23 2019.  A one week course at NMBU with a particular emphasis on how biocatalysts can be applied in industrial scale processes. Application deadline 1st August 2019Open for application! (Deadline for external students to apply for guest status at NMBU is June 28)

BioCat’s 3rd Annual Conference 5-7th of June 2019 

The 3rd annual BioCat conference has ended. It was wonderful to see all of you, and we hope to see you through the year at the various BioCat courses and workshops.  

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BioCat has the PhD-student in focus, and we offer PhD-level courses related to biocatalysis. The courses are held by specialsts in the field at the partner universities here in Norway (UiT, UiS, NTNU, UiO, NMBU and UiB). BioCat also arranges an annual conference aimed at networking and development of essential skills needed to succeed as a researcher. For more information, see our become a member’ information page, or contact your local BioCat ambassador! For more information on research and transferable skills courses, see our PhD courses page. 

Our goal is to educate researchers with trandisciplinary training.  We aim to include elements from bioinformatics, molecular biology, organic chemistry, biotechnology, structural biology, systems biology, bioprocessing and computational modelling. See our ‘about BioCat‘ page for more information on BioCat. 

You can apply to upcoming courses by emailing us at biocat@uit.no