PhD courses

Here you can find an overview of all planned BioCat courses and workshops.

Courses that are open for application are highlighted in the Current Events  page, which you can check to get an overview of opportunities and application deadlines.

Previous transferable skill courses: 

  • Coping with Media
  • English Scientific Writing

You can apply to upcoming courses by emailing us at 

BioCat courses will typically be given as intensive courses lasting for 1-3 weeks and will in some cases demand some individual time spent on reading and/or writing reports. The intensive nature of those courses facilitates students to travel to the site of the course for a given period of time learning methods and techniques available at the other universities. 

What should your course application include?

1. Include the following general information

  • A very short statement of your motivation for taking the course 
  • Your current status (are you PhD or postdoc?) – how far into the project?
  • Your contact information
  • What course you would like to apply for

2. External students must apply for guest status at the host university, forms are available here:

  • University of Oslo: UiO
  • University of Tromsø: UiT  – (information will be given)
  • University of Bergen: UiB  – (information will be given)
  • University of stavanger: UiS  – (information will be given)
  • Norwegian university of life sciences: NMBU  – (information will be given)

3. External students must also remember to add a confirmation of uptake to a Phd-Program from your home institution, after course participation is confirmed.

In Norway this can be done by emailing the faculty administration at your home university to get a transcripts from “Student Data System (FS)” called “FS912.001 (Drgradkandidat opplysninger)“, which confirms your status as a PhD student.  

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