List of BioCat courses

The list of courses planned for BioCat is shown below. The first course was provided in the autumn semester 2017, and successive courses will be established in the following semesters. We hope we will have all the courses up-and-running from 2019 on. More detailed information will be added when available.

  Title   Content and Status
C1 BIOCAT – Mining for new enzyme activities (5 ECTS)  
In silico and functional screening for enzyme activities
Status: First appearance Autumn 2018
C2 BIOCAT – Enzyme production technologies (5 ECTS)  
Protein production (cloning, expression, and purification)
Status: First appearance Autumn 2018
C3 BIOCAT – Structural Biology Techniques  
X-ray crystallography, NMR, EPR, AFM, homology modelling etc
Status: First appearance is Spring 2018 (week 16)
C4 BIOCAT – Enzyme kinetics (5 ECTS)  
Reaction kinetics, inhibition – including stopped-flow techniques
Status: First appearance Autumn 2018
C5 BIOCAT – Enzyme mechanisms (4 stp)  
Chemical reactivity and principles, mechanistic classification, selectivity
Status: Next appearance Autumn 2019 (or Autumn 2018 if sufficient interest)
C6 BIOCAT – Applied Biocatalysis and Biorefining (5 stp)  
Industrial applications to material processing, synthesis, diagnostics, etc.
Status: First appearance Autumn 2018
C7 BIOCAT – Biomolecular structure and function (10 stp)  
Principles of structural chemistry. 3D structures of proteins, DNA/RNA and carbohydrates.  Introduction to experimental methods for structure determination and structure prediction.
Status: First appearance is Autumn 2018
C8 BIOCAT – Molecular modeling of enzymatic catalysis (10 stp)  
The course will present central methods in molecular modeling for the analysis of enzyme structure-function relationship and the modeling of their catalytic activity.
Status: The course is planned for Week 10 and 12, 2018
C9 BIOCAT – Synthetic biology and biocatalysis (7.5 stp)  
Microbes as production tools, design of microorganisms for industrial purposes
Status: Next appearance Spring 2019
C10 BIOCAT Protein red-ox chemistry (4 stp)  
Red-ox active enzymes, red-ox cofactors, transition metal ions, electron transfer etc.
Status: First appearance is Spring 2018 (Week 22)
C13 BIOCAT Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules  
The course will cover basic theory for crystal formation and growth, and methods for setting up crystallization trials. 
Status: First appearance is Week 38 2018

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