BioStruct has ended March 2017. The email address biostruct@uit.no can still be used for questions.

The National graduate school in structural biology – BioStruct, is granted by The Norwegian Research Council and established to provide expertise and tools for the research education within structural biology in Norway.

The school is open to all PhD-students and their research groups without any limitation related to theme and is as such a technologically based research education including projects within e.g. biomedicine, plant biology, marine biology, microbiology, basic biomolecular research and (bio)nanoscience. The graduate school will focus on both experimental and theoretical methods for obtaining structural information.

The aim of initiating graduate schools in Norway is to unite small scientific communities and increase collaboration between scientific groups, create student platforms for technical and academic exchange and training, and thereby improve the quality and the skills of the PhD students.

Five Norwegian universities (right menu) constitute the BioStruct consortium. This collaboration represents a unification of many strong research groups, giving the students great access to both the expertise, facilities and training offered by the Norwegian structural biology research community.

Approximately 80 students from 60 research groups at 6 universities are registered in the graduate school.