PhD students will by entering BioStruct have the right to financial support to participate at national courses, workshops, annual conference as well as national and international research visits at research institutions or companies. The PhD students must be admitted to a PhD program at their respective home universities. Registered research groups can also receive some financial support for preparing and carrying out national courses, use the 3rd form listed under. Registrate to BioStruct ( research groups and PhD students) by filling in the form 1. and 2. below, and sent it to us by ordinary mail or e-mail.

1. Research group contract

2. PhD student contract

3. PhD-course ProposalBioStruct

Research group membership in BioStruct

The research groups should have a profile in accordance with the definition given in the project description: “The school will be open to all PhD-students and their research groups without any limitation related to theme, but covers only studies and techniques where the function and structure of molecules and their interactions are the focuses.”

The group leader of the research group must be an active and formal supervisor of her or his own students that are registered in BioStruct. Normally this means being a senior scientist and the main and responsible supervisor of PhD-students.

The research group should take active part in BioStruct and register relevant PhD-students in the school. In addition, PhD-students of the group should generally use the PhD-courses, research group members should regularly participate at the National conference, etc., and being willing to contribute in teaching PhD-courses when desirable.

Guidelines for PhD-student admission to BioStruct

The research group that the PhD-student is affiliated to must normally be a member of BioStruct.

The PhD-student must be admitted to a PhD-program at one of the 5 partner institutions (documented with a signature in the form by an authorized person). The PhD-students of BioStruct may well be additionally affiliated to other graduate schools.

The PhD-students admitted to BioStruct are expected to take active part in the BioStruct activities; participation in some of the courses, the National conference, etc.