Travel claim

BioStruct funds travel and accommodation for BioStruct registered PhD students and master students in BioStruct research groups provided they have an oral presentation or poster and book a double room. BioStruct Master and PhD students order travel individually as all other participants, but will have their expences refunded by BioStruct. Accomodation will be prepaid by BioStruct for all the students entitled to free participation. For all others, the price for the accommodation is NOK 2300 (NOK 3850) for the total period of three nights in a single (double) room. All other expenses (food, activities, etc.) are covered by BioStruct for all participants.

For any questions regarding travel and travel claim contact:
Renate Lie Larsen, NorStruct, Dept. of Chemistry, UiT
Phone:+47 95803045

How do I get my ticket money back:
1. Fill in the TRAVEL CLAIM (English form)
(Important to remember national identity number, bank accout number and personal signature at the end of the form)
2. Add all bills (plain, train, bus, taxi, boat) and seat notes or boarding pass (from the plain)
3. Put the form, all bills and seat notes in an envelope and send it to:

BioStruct v/Renate Lie Larsen
NorStruct, Institutt for kjemi
Universitetet i Tromsø – Norges Arktiske Universitet
Postboks 6050
9037 Tromsø