PhD Talks

12 PhD students will give an oral presentation (12 min) of their project or the plans for their PhD project. Master students register with a poster, while PhD students have to fill in abstract for both poster and oral presentation when registering. If you wish to update the abstract later, this is possible by sending an email to before August 8.

For all students a poster or oral presentation is the ticket to free participation and travel. If you do not want to present anything you are of course welcome to participate anyway and pay for the travel and accommodation yourself.

The PhD presentations will in the program be scheduled as PhD1-PhD12 according to the list of presentations.

List of oral PhD presentations

All oral student presentations will be (kindly) evaluated by a committee, the students will get their personal feedback during the very same day as their talk. Where and when will be announced at the conference. The evaluation will be done according to the following criteria:

Evaluation form PhD student presentations

The PhD students having an oral presentation may apply their home institution 1 ECTS for their presentation in case the home institution allows for ECTS points for talks at conferences. The same holds for poster presentations.