Travel information

All participants from outside Trondheim book their travel individually. BioStruct will cover the transportation for PhD students registered in BioStruct who have a presentation or poster and for master students that present a poster. Information on the travel claim is given here.

Transport by plane and bus
The closest airport to Jægtvolden is Trondheim airport, Værnes. The most convenient travel for all people from outside Trondheim is to take the plane to Værnes. A bus schedule will be set up from Værnes to Jægtvolden (approx. 1,5 hrs) to correspond to a set of suggested flights (see schedule below).

If your arrival at Værnes does not correspond with any of the buses set up by BioStruct, you can travel by train from Værnes to Røra Stasjon (check for train tables) and then take a 10 minute taxi ride to Jægtvolden Fjordhotel (call the taxi: 91753000).

Travel from Trondheim by bus
There will be a bus from NTNU (Gløshaugen, outside the main entrance of realfagsbygget) via Værnes to Jægtvolden on Thursday August 25 (tentative departure NTNU at 13:30) and back on Sunday August 28 (tentative departure Jægtvolden at 9:30, tentative arrival NTNU at 11:45). See also the preliminary bus schedule below.

Bus schedule Jægtvolden 2016

Bus schedule Jægtvolden 2016 only for board members arriving one day earlier