Student grants

General rules for travelling in BioStruct

Concerning all kind of travel related to BioStruct the following applies:

You book and organize the travel yourself according to the university agreements related to ordering tickets, that means in practical the cheapest solution.  After the travel is carried out you send a travel claim to BioStruct administration in Tromsø. Note that no meals can be included in travel and accomodation claims. BioStruct grant travel and accomodation, but no meals.

If you will need a prepayment in order to pay for your travel, you can contact the BioStruct administration.

Remember to follow the university guidelines for travel and accomodation. If you live outside Noway, remember to also send in the “Account information – payments abroad”.

Send the forms and bills scanned to or per ordinary mail to:

BioStruct, Institutt for kjemi v/Maarten Beerepoot
Fakultet for naturvitenskap og teknologi
Universitetet i Tromsø
Forskningsparken 3
9037 Tromsø

Research visits

BioStruct PhD students will have one last possibility to obtain travel grants for research visits. The deadline for this application round is October 15, 2016. The research visit can be in 2016 or in January, February and/or March 2017. The travel claim needs to be ready on March 31, 2017.

Guidelines for applying research visit grants from BioStruct:
If you are planning a research stay, in or out of Norway, you may apply BioStruct for a research visit grant. You can apply for travel grant (to/from destination) + monthly costs* during stay (rent, public transportation, etc). *Maximum NOK 10 000,- per month and for up to three months.

The following must be included in an application:
1. Application letter – a short letter stating destination, duration, and purpose of the research stay.
2. Letter of confirmation from supervisor and visiting research group.
3. Budget for travel and accommodation in an Excel spread sheet (as detailed as possible).

Furthermore, it will be seen beneficial if you have additional funding from other sources.

BioStruct would also strongly encourage you to write a travel letter from your research stay and post updates on our Facebook page during your research stay!

Participation in conferences not organised by BioStruct

BioStruct does not cover travel and accommodation to conferences that are not organized by BioStruct.

Participation at PhD courses and conferences conducted by BioStruct

BioStruct financially supports participation for its PhD student members at BioStruct related activities; BioStruct national courses and the Biostruct Annual Conference at Jægtvolden.

BioStruct PhD students can travel and participate at these events for free. Accommodation will be arranged by the BioStruct administration or the local node contact at the site of your visit, unless other agreements are made.

For participation, you simply register for the event to the given contact person with information about your affiliation in order for us to know whether you will need housing or not. After the arrangement is fulfilled, you send us a travel claim for your ticket/accommodation costs.