PhD courses

BioStruct has ended March 2017. The email address can still be used for questions.

The BioStruct PhD courses cover studies and techniques where the function and structure of molecules and their interactions are the focuses. 14 national scientific courses have been eatablished, open to all students and arranged biannually.

“What’s up”  will give you an overview of all available courses/workshops, both scientifically and within transferable skills. All past, present and future BioStruct scientific courses are listed here.

The BioStruct course portfolio aims to cover general and methodological aspects of research fields like biostructural computing, bioinformatics, spectroscopy, crystallography, protein expression, microscopy, protein folding and stability as well as thematic aspects like protein kinases, glycobiology, quorum sensing, immunology, DNA-repair, RNA-biology and evolutionary adaptation.

The courses will typically be given as intensive courses lasting for 1-3 weeks and will in some cases demand some individual time spent on reading and/or writing reports. The intensive nature of those courses facilitates students to travel to the site of the course for a given period of time learning methods and techniques available at the other universities.

All BioStruct course are evaluated, see ‘Course evaluation’.

Note ! External PhD students must apply for guest status at the host university (the site of the course), forms available here:
PhD guest student at UiO
PhD guest student at UiT
Remember to add a confirmation of uptake to a PhD program from your home institution.

Class Fronter will be used as a common platform for most courses presented by Biostruct.