MOL950 BIOSTRUCT: Recombinant proteins – Expression, Purification & Interaction studies

MOL950 BIOSTRUCT: Recombinant proteins – Expression, Purification & Interaction studies

We are happy to invite to this practical course on work on recombinant proteins intended for PhD students, post docs and technicians with backgrounds in molecular biology and biochemistry. This practical course is based on the annual, one week EMBO PEPC5 course held at the EMBL-Hamburg Outstation and the yearly running Cpep course at the University Umeå.

Date: 25. May – 3. June 2016
Place: HIB, Thormølensgt. 55, 4. etasje bioblokken
Time: about 6 hours laboratory work per day
Dr. Gilles Travé, Ecole Superieure de Biotechnologies de Strasbourg,
Gunter Stier, Biochemie-Zentrum der Universität Heidelberg, Germany,
Organizer: Knut Olav Daasvatn,
Participants: max. 16 (PhD students, post-docs or technical staff)
Credits: 5 ECTS and a certificate after successful participation (full time participation is required!).

Registration: using StudentWeb: (Course code: MOL950)
Deadline: March 1
External candidates (non-UiB): contact Knut Olav Daasvatn ( no later than March 1 for information on how to register as a guest student.


More information about the course
Overview of course in PDF format
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Organizers and Tutors

• Gunter Stier, Research associate at the Biochemical Centre of the University Heidelberg and
• Gilles Travé, Research Director/Group Leader in CNRS, Strasbourg University & Prof II Bergen
• Øyvind Halskau, Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology, UiB (

Aims of the practical course

• Insights in project planning: Work on your own project !!!
• Use of bioinformatics in analysis and planning of a protein expression project
• Primer design and gene optimization
• Insights in medium throughput cloning and protein expression in E. coli
• Fast parallel cloning of your gene(s) into vectors containing different tags and fusion proteins
• Protein expression mini-screen
• Try different strains, growth conditions and fusion partners to optimize the quality of your favorite protein
• Discussion of mutagenesis techniques
• Use of fusion proteins and associated purification strategies
• Co-expression and purification strategies
• The preparation and use of auto-inducing medium
• Scale-up of positive candidates to a protein midi-preparation using purification machines
• Special labeling techniques like 15N-labeling of proteins for quick NMR analysis
• Insights in various trouble shooting problems and strategies to solve them
• Simple introduction into NMR
• Interaction analysis of proteins by Pull-down (Hold up) experiments.
• Introduction to cellfree expression
• InVitro protein expression

Additional demonstrations will include the use of:
• The “Äkta” machines for protein purification
• NMR for construct characterization

The practical sessions will be complemented with lectures, roundtable discussions about techniques, problems and their solutions. Relevant literature will be presented by the students and a written protocol will be expected at the end of the course.

We encourage the registered participants to bring their own projects, in which case they should contact the organizers at least 4 weeks before course start. It is also possible to work on a project provided by the course leader.

General info

BioStruct covers the costs for travel and accommodation for BioStruct students participating in national courses at Norwegian universities other than the student’s home institution. For more information on accommodation contact Øyvind Halskau ( For more information on the travel and travel claim, see here.