Protein Crystal Spectroscopy (MBV 9220)

Time of course: August 15-19 2016
Place: Kristine Bonnevies hus (Biology building), Blindernveien 31
Teaching: Lectures (21 hours) and lab-exercises (16 hours). The course is taught intensively over one week. A selected set of articles should be studied before course start (estimated to one week).
Exam: Internet examination after course ending (pass/fail)
Deadline for registration: June 30, 2016
Course responsible: Hans-Petter Hersleth (, UiO
Contact for accommodation: Bie Ekblad (, UiO
Contact for registration: Torill Rørtveit ( / +47-22857348), UiO
External students must register as guest students at UiO


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Course content

The course will give an introduction to methods used to determine the “true” 3D structures of redox active sites in proteins containing redox, metallo and radical cofactors/centers. For these types of proteins the crystal structures determined by protein crystallography is not enough to fully describe the protein. Information about oxidation state, spin state, coordination and protonation is essential for understanding the function. The course will have lectures in protein crystal spectroscopy: light absorption (microspectrophotometry), Raman spectroscopy and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR). The laboratory exercises will deal with obtaining crystal light absorption, EPR and Raman spectra of model proteins: myoglobin crystals with different redox states and other redox proteins as flavoproteins. One day of the course will be on theoretical methods (density functional theory) used to optimise the active sites in proteins and the special method quantum refinement which combine diffraction data and quantum mechanics.

General info

Participants of this course should have an admission to a Ph.D.-programme at a Norwegian University or University College. With free capacity the course is also open for researchers from academia and industry. Ph.D.-students from other universities or university colleges that would like to take the course as a part of their theoretical syllabus for the Ph.D.-degree must apply for the status as visiting PhD student.
External PhD students (persuing the 5 ECTS) must in addition to registering for the course, also fill in the following application form to be registered as guest students at UiO. (A letter confirming that you are enrolled to a PhD program at your home institution must be added.) The form (see link above) together with the confirmation is sent to Torill Rørtveit for collective processing.

Postal address:
Torill Rørtveit
Postboks 1041 Blindern
0316 OSLO

Note! BioStruct covers the costs for travel and accommodation for BioStruct students participating in national courses at Norwegian universities other than the student’s home-institution. For more information contact Bie Ekblad ( If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the course, 75% of the course admissions will be reserved students attending the PhD school, BioStruct.