Transferable skills

The research based BioStruct courses will offer you different “hands on”  training using advanced instrumentation and software, methods and theories to bring your research a step further, but what about other skills needed in your working life?

BioStruct – Scientific writing course in Bergen 8-9 November 2012

BioStruct – “How to get your message through?”, UiO, 9 January 2013

BioStruct – Scientific writing course in Oslo January  14.-15. 2013

BioStruct – Coastal cruise Bergen-Bodø; Presentation techniques ++, 11-14 March 2013.

BioStruct – Scientific writing course in Tromsø October 21.-22.2013

Scientific writing course in Tromsø, October 16-17 2014.

Scientific writing course in Bergen, May 8-9 2014.

Scientific writing course in Oslo, February 26-27 2014.

High North Academy is a initiative at the University of Tromsø addressing training in transferable skills for PhD students, BioStruct students are welcome to participate in all those courses. HNA  provides training in scientific writing, presentation techniques, film making, leadership etc.

Tress & Tress, Munich, Germany is offering a number of transferable skills courses for researchers and PhD students. The topics covered are: Coping with the challenges of a PhD; How to present at international scientific conferences; How to conduct interdisciplinary projects; How to apply for an academic job; How to publish in peer-reviewed journals. Training contents are adjusted to participants’ subject areas and needs and ECTS-credit certificates can be obtained for each training session. The maximum number of participants for each training session is 12, in order to allow intensive learning and focus on individual questions and needs.