Travel claim

BioStruct covers accommodation and travel for BioStruct PhD students following a course at another university. Usually the accommodation is directly paid by the organizing university, so that a travel claim only involves costs related to transportation. Note that BioStruct covers neither dietary expenses nor travel and accommodation for master students or PhD students that are not registered in BioStruct. Everyone is expected to take the cheapest option that fits. This includes buying return tickets (e.g. flybussen) and period tickets (e.g. local busses) where possible.

PhD students from outside Tromsø send a paper version of the travel claim or an email with all scanned documents to Tromsø (see address below). PhD students from Tromsø use the digital form in PAGAweb, indicating that BioStruct covers the costs and the organization number (321500).

Contact the BioStruct administration ( for any questions regarding the travel claim.

How do I get my money back:
1. Fill in the travel claim form (Word / PDF). Important to remember: national identity number, bank account number and personal signature at the end of the form. Write also the name / address of the hotel.
2. Add all bills (plain, train, bus, taxi, boat) and boarding pass / seat notes (from the plain).
3. Explain anything that might not be clear in the ‘Remarks’ field at the end. If BioStruct has directly paid the hotel, write this as a remark there.
4. Scan the signed document and bills (preferably in one document) and send it to Alternatively, put the form, all bills and seat notes in an envelope and send it to:

BioStruct v/Maarten Beerepoot
Institutt for kjemi, FP3
Fakultet for naturvitenskap og teknologi
UiT Norges arktiske universitet
Postboks 6050
9037 Tromsø