Open Day BioStruct Tromsø

BioStruct Open Day 2oth March 2015

The BioStruct Open Day is a local event at UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø intended to encourage networking among the BioStruct groups at UiT and other invited local research groups.  The PhD students will present their work in poster sessions, and we will have excellent invited speakers contributing to the scientific program.

This year’s Open Day will be a joint event of BioStruct – The Norwegian Graduate school in Structural Biology and MCCR – The Molecular and Clinical Cancer Research School.

Invitation flyer BioStruct/MCCR Open Day 2015

Program Open Day

List of PhD student oral presentations and poster number

Research Groups of BioStruct and MCCR


The following invited speakers will give their lectures entitled:

Tove Iren Dahl

Tove Iren Dahl – Professor at Department of psychology,UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø

“Tentative Title: A seminar on procrastination”

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Ian Mills

Ian Mills – Group leader, Prostate Cancer Group, NCMM – Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway Nordic EMBL Partnership Molecular Medicine

“Metabolic changes and stress responses in prostate cancer”

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Djordje Musil

Djordje Musil – Team Leader, Protein Crystallography at Merck-Serono (Germany)

“Fragment-based approaches in the drug discovery process”

Latest publication: Selection of Fragments for Kinase Inhibitor Design: Decoration Is Key



BioStruct Open Day 2013

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The following invited speakers will give their lectures entitled:



Professor Vincent Eijsink (The Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

Enzyme technology for the bioeconomy: from basic science to the biorefinery”

Vincent Eijsink has recent formed a collaboration project with one of the largest companies within the biomass-biofuel production, Borregaard. Bringing his research on degrading enzymes into the world of commercialization and industry.



Professor Knud Nierhaus (Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Genetik)

“How ribosomes start translation:  A novel and frequent initiation mode of bacterial ribosomes”

The group of Knud Nierhaus has been working on the  assembly, function and structure of functional complexes of the ribosome, mainly of the bacterium Escherichia coli. They call it “Translating the Genome”. Knud Nierhaus does also have a reputation as an inspiring and motivating lecturer, taking an interest in interacting with students.




Professor Inger Sandlie (Deputy director of the Center for Immune Regulation (CIR), University of Oslo)

“Tailoring the lifespan of biopharmaceuticals by targeting the neonatal Fc receptor”

Inger Sandlie heads an active research group and is coinventor of more than 10 patents that describe the production and use of modified antibodies and albumin. Furthermore, she is cofounder of two biotechnology companies, Vaccibody A/S and Nextera A/S, and has extensive research collaboration with Novozymes A/S. In 2011 is received the first innovation prize awarded by the University of Oslo.