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AMGG Cruise to the northern and eastern Svalbard margin aboard R/V Helmer Hanssen

Chief Scientist: Tine L. Rasmussen


A total of 15 gravity cores (c. 60 m), and 31 CTD (conductivity-temperature-depth) casts were performed, 11 plankton net (no. 12 failed because the net was torn completely), 22 boxcore samples x 6 surface samples for each, searched for Siboglinid polychaetes and about half were sampled. A total of 137 lines of acoustics and seismics together were performed. Chirp profiles and multibeam lines were acquired during transits and in surveys (mapping of new seep sites northeast of “Crater” area, seep sites in Storfjorden Trough and glacial grounding zone wedges, East Greenland Ridge, seeps in Hinlopen trough and Norske Banken, the east slope of Yermak Plateau at north ‘record’ on our part (81.40N), active and inactive pockmarks at Vestnesa Ridge and a small patch off PKF for WP4 .All acoustic investigations were performed with soft-start of all instruments (Echo-sounders, deep-  penetrating echosounder (‘Chirp’), Multibeam echosounder and mini-airgun).