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CAGE, OAFS and Paleo-CIRCUS cruise to Northwest Norway, Jan Mayen and East Greenland aboard R/V Helmer Hanssen

Chief Scientist: Tine L. Rasmussen

Co-Chief Scientist: Kasia Kamelcyzk


From the morning of June 23rd to the morning of July 7th 2013, the Department of Geology of the University of Tromsø, Norway, arranged a scientific cruise aimed at investigating the western Northern Norwegian margin and the central Nordic seas and east Greenland margin| on R/V “Helmer Hanssen”. Investigated areas were (in order of visiting sites on the cruise): the northwestern Norwegian Sea margin to north of Jan Mayen, and the western Greenland Sea north and off Scorebysund. The scientific sampling was done within the framework of ongoing projects at the Department of Geology, University of Tromsø: “CAGE (CoE): Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate”, hereunder the projects “OAFS-Ocean Acidification Fram Strait” and “Paleo-CIRCUS”.

A total  of  12  gravity  cores,  5  piston  cores  and  9 multi-cores  (with a  total  of  27  sub-coresretrieved), 15 plankton  net  casts  and 20 CTD  (conductivity-temperature-depth)  casts  were  performed at the western Barents Sea slope, and the Barents Sea.

>44 chirp  profiles  and  multibeam  echo  sounder  lines  were  acquired  during  transits  and  during  surveys of potential core sites.

-4 seismic lines using GI mini airgun