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CAGE uses UiT’s national infrastructure G3 (Geosystems 3D seismic imaging), which is based on the P-cable concept.

The P-cable 3D seismic system differs from conventional 3D seismic systems by having a cable towed in a vertical line by the research vessel, whereupon up to 24 streamers are attached. The streamers are only 25 metres long, which is much shorter than in conventional 3D seismic systems where they usually measure several kilometers. The series of streamers collect 24 seismic lines simultaneously. Hence, they cover an approximately 240 meter wide area in a cost effective manner.

The P-cable system delivers better data quality than conventional 3D seismic systems and high resolution 2D seismic. To study gas hydrates and gas emissions is one of the main uses of the system.

The equipment administered by UiT The Arctic University of Norway.