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Designed in close cooperation between Kongsberg Maritime and CAGE, the K-Lander is a modular and scalable sensor carrier platform with advanced data logging, processing, and communication techology used to deliver data from the deep sea.

CAGE uses it to monitor methane release from the seabed to the water column in harsh environments, as well as collecting data on CO2, ocean acidification and circulation.

Facts about K-Lander 30

Two state of the art, robust multi-sensor observatories were deployed to the sea-floor at key Arctic sites over several full year periods.

  • Operational anywhere in the ocean
  • For long-term, continuous monitoring of methane release and associated physical parameters
  • Remarkable resolution
  • Includes a rigid and stable central part, where the data is stored and power unit is managed
  • Trawl-proof
  • Self-retrieed via a rope recovery system connected to a buoy
  • Operational in up to 2000 m depth and under deperatures from -10 to 45° C
  • Can be deployed for up to one year, providing time series over the annual cycle

Measurable Parameters

  • Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Pressure
  • Current
  • Oxygen
  • CH4
  • CO2
  • pH
  • Sound (Hydrophone)
  • Multibeam image for bubble monitoring


  • Monitoring drilling operation (before, during, after)
  • Exporation for potential drilling areas
  • Monitoring of effects of seismic data acquisition via hydrophones
  • Possibility to install camera for observations during methane release
  • Option to add several more instruments