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The research vessel R/V Helmer Hanssen is especially equipped for activities in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, Svalbard and other polar areas. The ship has multiple uses, but is designed for geological and oceanographic surveys in both open and ice-covered waters.

The ship was built in 1988 and was originally a stern trawler. In 1992 it was converted into a research vessel. Today the ship is owned and operated by UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Research facilities

The R/V “Helmer Hanssen” is a multipurpose vessel, designed for fishery and marine biological, geological and oceanographic surveys in open and ice covered waters (1-2 m drift ice). The range of investigations include fish resource assessments, hydrographic and trawl surveys, geological bottom sediment sampling and acoustic registrations of the sediment layers below the sea-bed. R/V “Helmer Hanssen ” is equipped with modern instruments, and has especially designed features for improved acoustic surveying and bottom sediment sampling.

Research activities

  • Shrimp/fish stock assessments
  • Geological investigations (bottom cores, echosounding, accustic surveying)
  • Plankton surveys
  • Fishing gear trials and underwater surveys
  • Marine mammal surveys
  • International workshops
  • Naval training courses
  • Most research activities will be carried out in the Barents Sea and in ice covered areas around Svalbard