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WP1: Gas Hydrate and Free Gas Reservoirs

We develop techniques for innovative, high-resolution geophysical acquisition, processing and interpretation in marine environments. Combined with modelling, they enable us to detect, image and quantify hydrate reservoirs and methane release across the Arctic.

Team leader: Stefan Bünz

WP2: The Role of Ice Ages

We combine state-of-the-art marine geophysics with high-resolution ice sheet modelling, to providing extraordinary insight into the long-term variability of methane storage and release forced by glacial advance and retreat over the past 2.7 million years.

Team leader: Monica Winsborrow

WP3: Cold-Loving Microbes in a Warming Arctic

Our goal is to clarify the role of the underwater biological community in mediating the release of methane from the seabed into the ocean and atmosphere by evaluating the range of biological responses to varying intensities of methane seeps.

Team leader: Mette Marianne Svenning

WP4: Gas in the Water Column

Our aim is to determine and understand the potential transport processes of hydrocarbon gasses from the seabed to the atmosphere through the water column. Various measurements, along with modelling analysis, provide the link between elevated methane concentrations and the reason for fluctuations.

Team leader: Bénédicte Ferré

WP5: Methane Seepage History

We aim to investigate what caused the destabilization of submarine Arctic gas hydrate systems in the geological past by developing and applying geochemical and micropaleontological markers and time constraints for previous “abnormal” methane release from the seabed into the ocean.

Team leader: Jochen Knies

WP6: Pleistocene to Present: Methane, Ocean Acidification and CO2

We study changes over time in methane release, ocean acidification, and concentration of CO2 and the associated benthic and planktic foraminiferal responses, as they relate to past changes in climate and ocean temperatures.

Team leader: Tine L. Rasmussen

WP7: Methane Emissions into the Atmosphere

The MOCA project ran from 2013-2017 and is now complete. Read more here.

Team leader: Cathrine Lund Myhre