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We aim to investigate what caused the destabilization of submarine Arctic gas hydrate systems in the geological past by developing and applying geochemical and micropaleontological markers and time constraints for previous “abnormal” methane release from the seabed into the ocean.


To understand the environmental factors that drive methane seepage we need to better constrain the timing of methane release throughout the geological past. To do this we use authigenic carbonates and microfossils to develop records of palaeo-methane seepage for sites around the Arctic. We then assess the influence of various environmental conditions, for example sea ice extent and glacial isostatic adjustment, on methane seepage history.

Main question:

  • How can we identify and quantify carbon during the geological past in time and space?

Major aims:

  • Establish geochemical markers and time constraints for “abnormal” methane release from seabed to ocean.
  • Determine paleo conditions of ocean life and links to climate change during the geological past
Team members

Aivo Lepland

Giuliana Panieri
Professor in Geology

Karl Fabian

Shyam Chand

Terje Thorsnes