We recommend that you book your hotel room as soon as possible – from one of the following hotel chains:

Two hotels downtown – the Rica Grand Hotel, and the Rica Ishavshotell
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Choice Nordic
Four hotels downtown – Quality Hotel Saga, Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora, Clarion Collection Hotel With, and Clarion Hotel The Edge
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One hotel, close to the airport, but not in the city centre
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UiT The Arctic University of Norway has signed agreements with all these three chains. When making a reservation at the hotel of your choice, make sure to inform the hotel that you are in Tromsø as a guest at UiT, and that you consequently are entitled to a discount in accordance with the “UH-avtale” (“The University and University College Agreement”). This will ensure that you get a discount of upwards of 25 %.

There will be a bus service between the city centre and the university campus, but for practical reasons this bus will only make one stop downtown – at the Rica Ishavshotell, and we would recommend that you make this your first choice. However, the other hotels are within easy reach – max 10 minutes on foot from the Rica Ishavshotell – so if you have other preferences, or the Rica Ishavshotell is full, any of the other hotels will work just fine.

(Those of you who have stayed at the Rica Ishavshotell during the past year or so will be relieved to learn that the renovation of the hotel will be concluded by the end of June.)