The city of Tromsø is located at almost 70°N, and is the administrative centre of Troms County. If you would like more detailed information about Tromsø, this Wikipedia entry is a good place to start.

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Meeting venues
The sessions on Monday the 22nd, and Tuesday the 23rd up until 15:00 will take place in Auditorium B 1005, and in adjacent meeting rooms in our Faculty for humanities, social sciences and education. Lunch both on Monday and on Tuesday will be in the main cafeteria. CNNII_Map_of_UiT_Campus_3
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Alternative map of Campus
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The site visit on Tuesday 23rd, from 15:15 to 16:15 takes place in the Science Park – a 10 min walk from the auditorium.
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The dinner on Monday the 22nd takes place in Polaria, right next door to the Fram Centre – the venue of the last site visit on Tuesday the 23rd.
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The bus between the city centre and the UiT campus leaves from outside the Radisson Blu hotel. If you are staying at any of the other hotels downtown, you need to make your way to the Radisson Blu.

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The University of Tromsø is part of the Eduroam service, so anyone coming from another Eduroam institution should be able to log on to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network using their regular username and password.

Other users
For those of you who are not linked up to the Eduroam system, an alternative Wi-Fi network – uit-conference – will be available. Password will be provided at the start of the meeting.


Transportation from/to the airport
The airport in Tromsø is located only about 10 minutes by car from the city centre, so a taxi shouldn’t set you back too much (even though Norway is an expensive country).

Alternatively, you can take the Airport Express Bus (Flybussen) to your hotel.