Conferences and workshops, oh my!

Despite the end of the semester being upon us already, the CASTL community just won’t be scared off, with many people heading for the frozen vistas of continental Europe (seriously, Tromsø seems to have been the warmest place in Europe recently).

Yesterday (December 6th), CASTL senior researcher Peter Svenonius presented The emergence of the functional sequence at CP – A workshop in honour of Christer Platzack at Lund University in Sweden.

Further down south, there is a flurry of CASTL activity in the Netherlands. On December 11th and 12th, the University of Amsterdam will host a workshop on verb movement, co-organized by postdoc Kristine Bentzen and featuring several talks by current and former CASTL people: Kristine herself has co-authored Embedded V2 and extraction in Norwegian: Results from an online experiment with Caroline Heycock of the University of Edinburgh; CASTL senior researcher/center director Marit Westergaard and researcher Øystein Vangsnes are, together with Terje Lohndal of the University of Maryland, presenting Verb movement in matrix wh-questions in Norwegian dialects: Microvariation and diachrony; also on the program are Klaus Abels, Anna-Lena Wiklund and Øystein Nilsen!

Meanwhile, only a short train ride away, Leiden University is hosting two events with CASTL participation. PhD student Pavel Iosad will present A bad case of excessive computation: the rôle of morphology in palatalization-related alternations in Russian at the Workshop on Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface Theories, and Final devoicing ad vowel lengthening in the north of Italy: a representational approach at Going Romance 24. Also on the program of Going Romance are CASTL affiliate Antonio Fábregas, whose paper Aspect cross-categorially: states in nominalizations will be presented by his co-author Rafael Marín of Université Lille 3, and former CASTL visiting researcher Irene Franco, now of Leiden University.

Finally, PhD student Alexander Pfaff will appear on the program of 10. Ereignissemantikworkshop: Das Situationsargument bei Adjektiven und Nomen in Tübingen to answer the following question: The DP – an Event Trap?

Last but not least, a belated welcome  to Madeleine Halmøy, who, after defending her dissertation in the spring, has now returned to CASTL on a part-time basis after receiving the faculty’s transitional grant!

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