CASTL strongly represented at CGSW at NTNU this week

People have just trickled back in to Tromsø from GALA, the LAGB, and other far-flung events, but many of them will barely have time to repack before heading back off, this time to Trondheim, where the 32nd Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop starts on Wednesday. I count eight CASTL-affiliated names on the program: Kristine Bentzen, Merete Anderssen, Björn Lundquist, Øystein A. Vangsnes, Marit Westergaard, Peter Svenonius (yours truly), and professors II Tanja Kupisch and Terje Lohndal (appearing twice, once with Marit and once with Dave Kush). It’s great to see CASTL so solidly represented at this high quality event!

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