Lingbuzz, a repository of linguistics articles

LINGUIST List, a site listing conferences, jobs, and much more

Blogs of CASTL professors

Gillian Ramchand’s homepage, with occasional blog posts

Peter Svenonius’ homepage, with occasional blog posts

Øystein Vangsnes’ blog on (in Norwegian)

Outside Blogs that are of current interest

Thomas Graf’s blog Outdex, for issues in formal language and computation

Omer Preminger’s blog, for minimalist syntax and related matters

Norbert Hornstein’s blog, the Faculty of Language‚ for Minimalism; years of posts by Norbert Hornstein are still available there but he has pulled back recently and now there are mainly posts by others

Martin Haspelmath’s blog Diversity Linguistics Comment, for a functionalist’s perspective on typology

Ordinary Working Grammarian, Chris Collins’ blog at NYU

Mark Liberman’s Language Log, with active observations and discussion about language-related events in media and elsewhere

David Adger’s blog, Syntax and other stuff, at Queen Mary University London – interesting when there’s a post, but that’s not very frequent

Heidi Harley’s blog at University of Arizona – similarly to David Adger’s not very active

Humans who Read Grammars, by some linguistics students spread over three continents


GLOW (Generative Linguistics in the Old World)

LSA (Linguistic Society of America)

LAGB (Linguistics Association of Great Britain)