Workshop on Features Oct 9-10

Next week’s workshop on features is going to be exciting!  Don’t miss out on talks by Anna Papafragou, Daniel Harbour, Theresa Biberauer, Hagit Borer, Isabelle Roy, Bridget Copley, Cristina Real Puigdollars as well as some locals. You will find the programme here.

FishFeed/October 23

We had a fun session on Japanese prosody on October 16th, (thanks again Kaori!) where we discussed exactly what is at stake in claiming a Match  theory of the (indirect) mapping between syntax and prosody.     Fish Feed will now return to reading Norvin Richards´  Contiguity Theory.  We will read the chapters on head Read More


The Autumn term 2017 is in full swing. We have three new members to the group. Natalia Jardon and Maud Westendorp are new PhD students. Craig Sailor will be joining us as a postdoc for three years. Welcome all three!