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Guest lecture (Villa-García)-03.03.2022

Join us for an in person (!) guest lecture.  Dr. Julio Villa-García from the University of Oviedo and  theUniversity of Manchester will be presenting on joint work with Dennis Ott. An abstract of his talk is provided below. His talk on the syntax of left-dislocated structures  will take place at  13:15  in Room 1.413 in Teorifagbygget. Dr. Villa-García is at UIT in connection with  Natalia Jardón’s PhD defense later this week.



C-flanked dislocates as a bisentential phenomenon: evidence from English and Spanish

Julio Villa-García (University of Oviedo and University of Manchester)

(joint work with Dennis Ott)


I argue for a biclausal account of recomplementation constructions in languages like English and Spanish. I take left-dislocated XPs to be elliptical fragments that are linearly juxtaposed to their host clause (Ott 2014, 2015, 2017) and argue that the doubled complementizer in recomplementation functions as a discourse marker linking both clauses (Villa-García 2019), indicating a re-start in discourse. I show that this account sidesteps several problems for monoclausal analyses (e.g., CP recursion; cartography), which assume that dislocated XPs are in left-peripheral positions such as Spec-TopicP and that the doubled complementizer spells out Topic0 (Rodríguez-Ramalle 2005, Villa-García 2012 et seq., Radford 2018, amongst many others).

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