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Congratulations Natalia Jardón

Congratulations to Natalia Jardón who successfully defended her dissertation  “Pluractional Perfects: Anatomy of a Construction in Eonavian Spanish” on March 4th 2022. As part of her defence, she also held a trial lecture entitled “«One clause or two? Eonavian pluractional perfects in light of the debate over the diagnostics for Spanish causative clause structures».

Natalia had been supervised by  Gillian Ramchand and Antonio Fábregas. Her committee consisted of  Julio Villa-García (University of Oviedo and University of Manchester) and Louise McNally (Pompeu Fabra University) as well as Peter Svenonius (Tromsø). The ceremony was led by Marit Westergaard.

Her dissertation may be accessed here

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