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Maud Westendorp: Trial Lecture and Thesis Defence (30. March 2022)

We are fortunate to be able to close off the month with the thesis defence of Maud Westendorp. 

Maud will hold a trial lecture entitled “The syntax of imperatives in the Scandinavian languages” at 10.15 on March 30th and defend her thesis “The distribution of main and embedded structures: V2 and non-V2 orders in North Germanic” starting at 11.15. 

Both events will be held in SVHUM E-0101. Audience members  wishing to follow the defence online can do so via the following link.

Maud has been supervised by Björn Lundquist and Øystein Vangsnes. 

Her committee consists of professor Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh) and Sten Vikner (Aarhus Universitet) as well as  professor Peter Svenonius (UiT Norges arktiske universitet). The ceremony will be led by professor Linda Nesby. 

A workshop (March 31st) and an invited talk by prof. Sten Vikner (April 1st) have been arranged in connection to the defence. 

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