CASTLFish Presence at CUNY

In case you don´t have enough to do and are missing your weekly FishFeed Fix, here are some storyboard videos that the team of Minor, Mitrofanova, Vos and Ramchand made for the recently held Virtual CUNY at UMass Amherst. These posters discuss research results that have come from the NFR project on Concepts and Compositionality Read More

Cancelled events (UPDATE)

Dear all,  due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the university will remain closed for physical instruction until April 17th. Employees are advised to work from home whenever this is possible. Meetings and gatherings that are non-necessary are strongly discouraged. These restrictions have lead to the following changes in CASTLFish’s activity:  -All Colloquia and Talks Read More

Colloquium by Ager Gondra (9. March)

On Monday, March 9th 2020,  Ager Gondra from the University of Miami will hold a talk entitled “Crossgenerational variability in Bizkaia Basque: simplification in relative clauses”. The talk will be held in SVHUM, room B1003 and start at 14:15. Please note the unusual location and day of the week!  An abstract of the talk is provided Read More