The purpose of FishFeed is to (i) discuss each other’s work and (ii) discuss research papers of interest and relevance to the group, especially those related to ongoing projects and our overlapping research concerns. 

The Fish group meets weekly on Fridays at 12:15 in B1004 (Spring 2020)

Schedule and Readings Spring 2020

January 24th : organisational meeting
January 31st : Bjorkman & Zeijlstra (2019) Checking up on (ϕ-) agree
February 7th : Sergey Minor: Russian aspect as a syntactic feature
February 14th Jade Sandstedt: Bantu harmony locality is autosegmental (abstract)
February 21st : Semra Kizilkaya (U of Köln)  Nominal and verbal aspects of Turkish Differential Object Marking
February 28th : Craig Sailor: Are syntax and semantics modality-blind? Testing Esipova’s Conjecture with ellipsis (abstract)
March 6th : Natalia Mitrofanova: The processing of grammatical case in Russian and German (abstract)
March 13th : Cancelled due to university closure
March 20th : Cancelled due to university closure
March 27th : Cancelled due to university closure
April 3rd:  GLOW (physical conference cancelled)
April 10th : Easter
April 17th : TBA
April 24th : Myrte Vos
May 1st : May Day
May 8th : Rasmus Puggaard Hansen
May 15th : Daniel Karvonen
May 22nd : Natalia Jardón Pérez
 May 29th : TBA


Schedule and Readings Autumn 2019
August 27th : organisational meeting.
September 10th : Carmen on a nanosyntactic account of Hindi ergativity
September 17th : Maud and Björn on embedded V2 in Faroese and Mainland Scandinavian
September 24th :Deniz Tat presents her Marie Curie project
October 1st Martin on the Structure and hierarchy in diphthongs
October 8th:Antonio on Temporal Prefixes
October 15th Craig on  the inflectional domain of Taiwanese and the puzzle it poses for the licensing of predicate ellipsis
October 22ndHeather on Bracketing Paradoxes 
October 29th: Tor Håvard on Tone and Stress in Norwegian Compounds
November 5thHeather presents even more Bracketing Paradoxes. 
November 12nd: Serge on the processing of grammatical aspect in Russian 
November 19th Helen Koulidobrova on the Mass Count distinction in ASL (OBS! Unusual meeting time and place:    10.15-12 in  E0103)
See you all there!

Find the schedule for previous terms here

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