Phonology Reading Group

Welcome to the collaborative, online reading group. 

The reading group will meet every Monday between 14.00 and 16.00 on teams.

In this semester, we will focus on familiarising us with the projects of the participants and discussing their progress. Additionally, the participants will take turns leading the discussion on  a paper connected to his or her field of study to read. 

If you wish to participate in the meetings or wish to be included in the mailing list, please contact the organisers Anna Katharina Pilsbacher or Tor Håvard Solhaug. Everyone interested in phonological matters is welcome! 

Reading list and schedule

8. February: Organisational Meeting 

15. February: Modeling Vowel Quantity Scales in Q Theory (Garvin et al. 2020): suggested by Rasmus Puggaard Hansen

22. February: Tor Håvard Solhaug (progress report)

1. March: Neural network models for phonology and phonetics. (Boersma, Benders &  Seinhorst. 2020) suggested by Joachim Kokkelmans

8. March: Kate Zhakun (progress report)

15. March: Morphology before phonology: A case study of Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic) (Kalin 2020) suggested by Anna Katharina Pilsbacher

22. March: Andrea Brugnoli (progress report)

29. March: Prosody as syntactic evidence (Royer 2020) suggested by Tor Håvard Solhaug 

5. April: Easter Monday (no meeting)

12. April: Eirini Apostolopoulou (progress report) 

19. April: Ghost Segments in Nonlinear Phonology: Polish Yers (Szpyra 1992) suggested by Kate Zhakun

26.April: Joachim Kokkelmans (progress report)

3. May: A Phonetically Driven Account of Syllable Weight (Gordon 2002) suggested by Andrea Brugnoli

10. May: Rasmus Puggaard Hansen (progress report)

17. May: reading suggested by Eirini Apostolopoulou 

24.May: Whit Monday (no meeting)

31. May: Anna Katharina Pilsbacher (progress report)

For an overview of readings discussed in previous semesters, click here

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