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Phonology Reading Group

Welcome to our reading group. This semester, we have some exciting phonological guest join us on invitation of the SALT project (check the Events and Visitors page for dates) and will use the reading group to read some of their works to prepare for their visits. The remaining time slots will, as usual, be filled up by presentations and reading suggestions from our members.

The reading group will meet every Monday between 13:00 and 15:00 in person. A hybrid meeting can be arranged if someone wants to join from abroad. Please contact Martin Krämer if you wish to be added to the group!

Reading list and schedule

Autumn 2022:

29. August: organisational meeting

5. September: 2017: Sonority Sequencing in Polish: the combined roles of prior bias and experience (Jarosz and Rysling 2016)

12. September: Computational Modeling of Phonological Learning (Jarosz 2019)

( also keep your eye out for Jarosz’ two talks this week)

19. September: Tonal effects on perceived vowel duration (Yu 2010)

26. September: Jagoda Dyga presents recent work

3. October: Autumn Break

10. October: meeting postponed

17. October: Consonant Clusters and Structural Complexity (Kreitman 2012)

24. October: reading for Rina Kreitman talks on: Clusters, Sequences, Sonority and Voicing  and everything in between

(keep an eye out for Kreitman’s other talk on wednesday)

31. October: Andy Harrison on Bilabial Clicks In Chishona

7. November: Phonological constituents and their movement in Latin (Golston and Agbayani 2016)

14. November: Chris Golston

21: November: Presentation (Anna/Tor Håvard)

28. November: Reading for Tobias Scheer

05. December: reading for Tobias Scheer

12. December: Christmas theme?


For an overview of readings discussed in previous semesters, click here.

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