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An overview of upcoming and recent talks delivered by members of our research group. Earlier talks can be found here ! 
February 23-26 2021. Maud Westendorp and Björn Lundquist. ‘The presence of light objects affects variable verb and subject placement in North Germanic’. 43. Jahrestagung der DGfS “Modell und Evidenz”, Universität Freiburg im Breisgau.
November 26th, 2020. Eirini Apostolopoulou: ‘Where r you going? A typology of long-distance metathesis of liquids.’ Going Romance XXXIV. Paris (virtual conference).
October 16, 2020. Björn Lundquist & Maud Westendorp: ‘Object shift feeds variable verb and subject placement: implications for linearization and production planning.’  LCAD2020.
October 16, 2020. Gillian Ramchand: ‘Deriving VSO in Scottish Gaelic: A direct linearization approach.’  LCAD2020.
October 15, 2020Craig Sailor: ‘Segregated transfer of ellipsis sites: evidence from Taiwanese.’ LCAD2020.
September 17th, 2020. Martin Krämer: ‘In the Grey Zone of the Sonority Hierarchy.’ LACG Meetings. Leiden University Language and Cognition Group.
July 2, 2020. Hagit Borer & Gillian Ramchand: ‘Syntax/Semantics Interface: Event Structure.’ Linguistic Flash-mobs: Epic Battles in History. Link to virtual debate
May 14, 2020. Guglielmo Cinque & Peter Svenonius: ‘The Functional Hierarchy’. Linguistic Flash-mobs: Epic Battles in History. Link to virtual debate
March 20, 2020. Serge Minor, Natalia Mitrofanova, Myrte Vos, Gillian Ramchand: ‘Processing Aspect in Russian and English: Evidence from Visual World Eye-Tracking.’ CUNY 2020. UMass Amherst. Link to digital presentation
March 20, 2020Serge Minor, Natalia Mitrofanova, Gillian Ramchand: ‘The Processing of Grammatical Aspect by Russian-speaking Children and Adults: A Visual World Eye-Tracking Study.’ CUNY 2020. UMass Amherst. Link to digital presentation


The featured publications of CASTLFish include a selection of significant books, articles, and working papers published by our faculty. We invite you to visit the individual faculty members’ websites for more complete listings of publications. Featured Publications from earlier years can be found here


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