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An overview of upcoming and recent talks delivered by members of our research group. Earlier talks can be found here ! 
December 5-6, 2019. Björn Lundquist & Maud Westendorp: On the subtle and ephemeral effects effects of reflexives on verb and subject placement’. Workshop on Variation and Change in Verb Phrase,  University of Oslo.
November 28, 2019. Craig Sailor: ‘Innovative verb second in English and beyond.’ Invited lecture. Aarhus University.
November 27, 2019. Craig Sailor: ‘When verb first is actually verb second: a vulgar argument for null operators in English V1’. Invited lecture. Aarhus University. 
November 27, 2019. Antonio Fábregas: ‘Being to the left is not enough: prefixation and the real natural classes of affixes’.  Lectio Magistralis, Università di Verona.
November 15, 2019. Antonio Fábregas: ‘Different ways of grammaticalising existentials in Romance’. Keynote address. Catalan Language Workshop, University of Vienna and Institute Ramon Llull.


The featured publications of CASTLFish include a selection of significant books, articles, and working papers published by our faculty. We invite you to visit the individual faculty members’ websites for more complete listings of publications. Featured Publications from earlier years can be found here


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