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An overview of upcoming and recent talks delivered by members of our research group. Earlier talks can be found here !

June 8-10, 2022. Serge Minor, Natalia Mitrofanova, Gustavo Guajardo, Myrte Vos & Gillian Ramchand. ‘Temporal Information and Event Bounding Across Languages: Evidence from Visual World Eye Tracking’. Talk at SALT32, Mexico City. OSF: https://osf.io/ua54r/ 

June 8-10, 2022. Charlotte SantGillian Ramchand. ‘Occasional-type frequency adjectives and quantification over stages’. Talk at SALT32, Mexico City. OSF: https://osf.io/jvx43/

May 6, 2022. Charlotte Sant & Gillian Ramchand. ‘Occasional-type frequency adjectives: pluractionality and stages. Talk at the CUSP13 workshop in Los Angeles, California (US).

May 4-6, 2022. Charlotte Sant & Gillian Ramchand. ‘Occasional-type frequency adjectives and quantification over stages’. Talk at Semanticists in Norway (SiN) workshop.

January 26, 2022. Martin Krämer.  ‘A typology of syllabic consonants and its implications for our understanding of syllable phonotactics.’ Invited talk at IGRA, Leipzig.

January 21, 2022. Martin Krämer. ‘Does sonority have a phonological basis?’ Invited talk at SRPP (Colloquium of the Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie), Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris.


November 13-14, 2021. Ekaterina Zhakun & Martin Krämer. ‘Russian sonority reversals. Do they really exist?’ Talk at WECOL 2021, Fresno, CA.

October 29-31, 2021. Martin Krämer.  ‘The interaction of tone, weight, and stress in Latvian.’ Talk at NELS 52, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

September 17-19, 2021. Martin Krämer.  ‘Degenerate syllables and excrescent vowels. Evidence from Yuman.’ Talk at Epenthesis and Beyond Workshop at Stony Brook University.

September 8-10, 2021. Jelena Živojinović & Marta Tagliani (Univr & Unigoe). “Grammaticalization in northern Italo-Romance: some considerations”. CIDSM15.

September 3-5, 2021. Jelena Živojinović, Beatrice Azzolina (Univr), & Veronica Girolami (Univr). “Postposed articles and DP structures in Torlak”. SLS-16.

September 2-4, 2021. Myrte Vos, Sergey Minor, & Gillian Ramchand. “Comparing infrared and webcam-based eyetracking in the Visual World Paradigm”. AMLAP2021.

August 23-25, 2021 Martin Krämer. ‘Word-initial sibilants and prenuclear syllable structure.’ Invited talk at Phonology Forum 2021, the annual meeting of the Phonological Society of Japan.

June 10, 2021. Craig Sailor. “Partial V2: Residue or innovation?“. The Residual Verb Second in Romance workshop 1, Oslo, Norway (online).
June 10-12, 2021. Charlotte Sant. “The pluractional reading of frequency adjectives”. Edinburgh Linguistics & English Language Postgraduate Conference (LELPGC).
May 27, 2021. Anna Katharina Pilsbacher. “The German past participle prefix gə-: a typological analysis” poster presented at The 28th Manchester Phonology Meeting (mfm28).
May 20, 2021. Sergey Minor. “Analyzing Effect Latencies in Infrared and Webcam-based VW Eye-tracking”. AcqVA Lunch seminar, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
May 12-14, 2021. Anna Katharina Pilsbacher. “Prosodic Conditioning in the German Past Participle? A Typological Analysis, ” 27th Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference. Virtual Conference.
May 5, 2021. Sergey Minor. “Cluster-based Permutation Analysis for VW Eye-tracking Data”. Online Eye-Tracking Workshop, AcqVA Aurora, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.


The featured publications of CASTLFish include a selection of significant books, articles, and working papers published by our faculty. We invite you to visit the individual faculty members’ websites for more complete listings of publications. Featured Publications from earlier years can be found here.


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