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CHOCO out-of-town meeting

CHOCO out-of-town meeting 2018

The CHOCO out-of-town meeting 2018 took place at Hamn on Senja (September 25-26).

On Tuesday we cooked an international dinner with food from Serbia, Spain, Norway, Germany, Armenia and Egypt. On Wednesday we had career-development exercises were CHOCO members learned how to write CVs and job applications – and how not to. Afterwards half of the group went on a long hike. 🙂

More Impressions from the meeting at found here:

Publisert av CHOCO Research Group Tirsdag 25. september 2018

Publisert av CHOCO Research Group Onsdag 26. september 2018








Did you think?

Did you think?

The CHOCO group and Karen O. H. Dundas from IK have arranged the exhibition ‘Did you think?’ at Nerstranda. In total, 22 roll-ups were produced for the exhibition.

Together with Maria Olsson from the Dept. for Psychology, we used the occasion to write a comment on gender balance in academia and the importance of role models:

Special thanks to Nerstranda for the location, to the UiT 50 year anniversary committee and the NT-faculty for financing, and to Torger Grytå for the design.

Exhibition 'Trodde Du?' at NerstrandaSpecial thanks to Nerstranda – Byens puls for the location, to the UiT 50 year…

Publisert av CHOCO Research Group Lørdag 29. september 2018

Publisert av CHOCO Research Group Lørdag 29. september 2018




NordCO2 course

NordCO2 course (Sep 12-14, 2018)

The CHOCO group together with several other members of the NordCO2 consortium organized a great course on ‘Mechanisms for CO2 activation’ at UiT. 22 students from UiB, UiO, UU, UiT, AU and KTH joined, with lecturers coming from all the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Iceland, Sween, Finland and Norway).

Impressions from the course:




AURORA Outstanding

AURORA Outstanding

CHOCO PI Kathrin has been selected as an AURORA Outstanding candidate. The two year program will provide career and leadership advice and guidance.

Read more here.

Kandidatene på AURORA Outstandig møttes første gang tirsdag 4. september på lanseringa av programmet. Det er Jana Jagerska, Krishna Agarwal, Fatih Bayram, Shona Wood, Alexander Tøsdal Tveit, Andreia Aletia Plaza Faverola, Cordian Reiner, Pia Abel zur Wiesch, Sören Abel, Rachel Klassen, Juha Vierinen, Kathrin Helen Hopmann og Eva-Stina Edholm. Evangelina Leivada og Lorena Arraz var ikke til stede da bildet ble tatt. Foto: David Jensen

Python Course!

Python course!

The CHOCO group initiated organization of a 3-day Python course at UiT. The HPC group at UiT agreed to teach at the course and right now there are 30 happy students learning how to work with files, lists, variables etc in python. Special thanks to Radovan Bast and Dan Johnson for perparing the material and for teaching, and to Yngve Guttormsen for making sure that people both have a bed to sleep in and something to eat.