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Angewandte Publication

Angewandte Publication

New publication from the CHOCO group in Angewandte Chemie: Iron‐Catalyzed Carbenoid Transfer Reactions of Vinyl Sulfoxonium Ylides: An Experimental and Computational Study

Congratulations to Dr. Janakiram Vaitla, very well deserved.

Life in Tromsø – Louise Poutot

Life in Tromsø – Louise Poutot

In the spring of 2018 the CHOCO group had a MSc student from Besançon, Louise Poutot, visiting.

What were you working on?

I had to prospect the effect of different Lewis acids on CO2, using Gaussian 09. My work had the title “Study of the Activation of Carbon Dioxide by Lewis Acids“. I worked with the theoretical team of the CHOCO Group.

How did you like working in Tromsø?

The work environment was perfect! I had a shared office with 2 others and they were really nice. Also I never worked in such a place, but I think conditions were ideal for working, everybody was really nice, there is whiteboard in corridors for researchers to work and talk together without bothering anyone in office. The athmosphere was really good and the pause room is nice and cosy, especially with the coffee machine! 

What were challenges with work/project/etc?

The biggest challenges for me were to discover a new work environment and a new country with its culture. Using new tools and being efficient were also challenging.

How was life in Tromsø?

Life in Tromsø is nice, the town is not really big, but there is a lot of things to see, visit and it’s really different compared to what I know in France. I met a lot of people. I played cardboard games, ate pizza, and discovered that somewhere on earth some people eat whale. I tasted brown cheese (hmm… Sorry Yngve but I don’t like it. At all.) I also discovered what it is to live with the midnight sun! Strange experience: snow and sun at midnight in June – an unforgettable experience!

Obviously I had a really good stay in Tromsø, and The CHOCO group is nice and warm and very welcoming. I’m happy I was there and I hope to come back. Once again Thank you all!

Thank you Louise for three months with your pleasant demeanor and your contribution to furthering research – one step at a time!

The CHOCO group thanks the Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences and the Tromsø Research Foundation for contributing to finance Louise’s stay.