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NordCO2 Summer School

NordCO2 Summer School

Two members from our group participated in the rather late Summer School in October in Uppsala, Sweden. Assoc Prof II Aina Nova gave a lecture on homogenous reduction of CO2 to Methanol.

Read more about the summer school here.


We Are Looking for a Project Coordinator

We Are Looking for a Project Coordinator

In the CHOCO Group we have an open position as project coordinator/project leader for a period of three years. The position is associated with the NordCO2 and CO2PERATE grants led by the CHOCO Group.

The role of coordinator will involve varied tasks in close contact with the scientific management of the projects and the administration at the institute and the faculty.

For more information and to apply click HERE


We got our first EU grant!

MSCA-ITN Grant to CHOCO Group

Kathrin is coordinator of a new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN). The collaboration will train future scientists in the art of using carbon dioxide for synthesizing essential molecules in a sustainable manner.

The new network, aptly named CO2PERATE, will have three industrial partners: Evonik, AstraZeneca and Haldor Topsøe, and will collaborate with outstanding European research groups in the field: Ruben Martin (ICIQ), Cristina Nevado (UZH), Matthias Beller (LIKAT), Ainara Nova (UiO), Belén Martín-Matute (SU) and Troels Skrydstrup (AU). From Tromsø Luca Frediani and Annette Bayer will participate. 

15 new PhD positions will be announced in the research groups soon, 2 of those in the CHOCO group. Stay in touch!

Research Highlight!

Research Highlight!

Our 2018 Angewandte article on Iron-Catalyzed Carbenoid Transfer was selected for a research highlight in SYNFACTS.

Congratulations to Janakiram, Annette and Kathrin!

Read the highlight here.

Read the original article here.

Welcome Sietske

Welcome Sietske!

Sietske Grijseels recently joined the CHOCO Group as a researcher. She is working in a collaborative project together with prof. Espen Hansen (Marbio, UiT) and prof. Kirsten Krause (AMB, UiT) with upscaling of biomass from infected plants. The proejct is funded by the Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy (ARC). A warm welcome to you!

New High Pressure Multireactor

New High Pressure Multireactor

The CHOCO Group recently bought a new MBS 2500 from Parr through their Norwegian distributor Houm AS. Now we can run 9 reactions in parallell with high pressure and individual measurement of pressure. Screening of new catalysts will be much easier now!

At a ceremony with Ashot as host, she got the name Maggie after the late iron lady Margareth Thatcher

Our own postdoc Ashot Gevorgyan and the brilliant engineer Wojciech from Parr who made the instrument.