April 2018: As part of the CO2 days in Tromsø (April 13-14th 2018), the CHOCO group has organized an exhibition of CO2-related research at UiT. The exhibition is called ‘Faces of CO2‘ and can be seen at Vitensenteret from April 14th until October 2018. The digitial pictures are visible here:














08.03.2018: Females can become anything they want!

28.11.2017: Kathrin gives a talk at the meeting of the Norwegian Chemical Society.

  Nov. 22-23 2017: Janakiram, Ynge and Kathrin particpated in the 2017 annual meeting of Cadiac

18-19.09.2017: The CHOCO group has their 2017 kick-off meeting at Sommarøy.

13.09.2017: The CHOCO group celebrates our recently accepted Perspective in ACS Catalysis with waffles and trollkrem.

14.06.2017: CHOCO PI Kathrin receives UiTs price for young researchers.

2.3.2017: Newspaper interview with members of the March for Science team

Postdoc Glenn Morello visited CHOCO collaborator Prof. Louis Noodleman at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego.

12.12.2016: CHOCO project leader Kathrin receives the TFS grant from Trond Mohn.

no spine minimum. half size. Editor: Crystal JEM: Leslie RTP: Jill Kessler orgnd7
:  Cover page of Organometallics, designed by CHOCO project leader Kathrin.


24.11.2016:  CHOCO project leader Kathrin visited Finnfjord, a ferro-alloy plant.


17-18.11.2016: The CHOCO team leaders Kathrin and Annette were participating in the annual meeting of the CO2 Activation Centre (CADIAC) in Århus Denmark.


dsc0052519.10.2016: CHOCO collaborator Prof. Troels Skrydstrup visited UiT and gave the presentation “Efficient Organic Synthesis with Gaseous Reagents”

11.10.2016: The Department of Chemistry at UiT celebrated the CHOCO project.