The CHOCO group is leading the Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion (NordCO2). NordCO2 is a network for researchers working on CO2 conversion in the Nordic countries. In december 2017 NordForsk granted the center funding for 6 years through the Nordic University Hub call. Website

NordCO2 aims at promoting knowledge exchange, initiation of novel scientific collaborations, and organization of outreach activities.

Alongside CHOCO, 10 Nordic research groups are currently associated with the consortium:

The groups of Prof. Troels Skrydstrup and of Prof. Kim Daasbjerg at the CO2 activation centre (CADIAC) (University of Århus) in Denmark work on CO2 activation through different approaches, including organometallic and electrochemical conversion of CO2.

The group of Prof. Timo Repo at the University of Helsinki in Finland is working on fixation of CO2 for the preparation of high value-added chemicals.

The group of Prof. Knut Børve at the University of Bergen in Norway is working on the chemistry of CO2 activation and fixation.

The group of Prof. Belén Martín-Matute at the University of Stockholm in Sweden is working on catalytic composites for sustainable synthesis.

The group of Dr. Ainara Nova at the University of Oslo in Norway is working on rational catalyst design for transforming CO2 into industrially attractive products: formic acid, polycarbonates and polyurethanes.

The groups of Prof. Sascha Ott and of Prof. Leif Hammarström at the University of Uppsala in Sweden are working on artificial photosynthesis and CO2 reduction catalysts.

The groups of Assoc.Prof. Mårten Ahlquist at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and of Prof. Egill Skulason at the University of Iceland work on theoretical studies of catalysts involved in CO2 conversion.